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computer Repairs


Computer Repairs

With my extensive training and experience in computer repairs, I am confident in approaching all technical issues you might be facing. Many modern machines purchased today come installed with self-diagnosis programs and built-in repairing abilities, but it is never as easy as it seems.

We rely on our computers to be the powerful assets that they are, however such complex machines can suddenly and quite frequently become our biggest headaches. With my previous knowledge and acquired skills, I have become an efficient troubleshooter. No matter the issue, be assured I will have your computer on the mend in no time. Some of my most commonly requested computer repair services are as follows: 

  • Crashed PCs diagnosed and repaired
  • Email repairs and fixes
  • Printing problems solved
  • Xbox, PlayStation and tablet connectivity
  • All laptops and Windows PC repairs
  • Tuition and advice on software and books
  • Internet and wireless set up and fixes
  • All set up and installation requirements
  • Estimates for new PC's, printers, scanners, multifunction machines or hardware


set up & installation


Set Up & Installation

Whether it's a new PC, a wireless connection, or the latest plug and play hardware that plugs but doesn't play, I am here to help. Scheduling your at home set up and installation is hassle free, with the guarantee that you will be up and running in no time.    

I take pride in my work, not only insuring everything is done correctly and efficiently but also that you are conversant in its use. With that being said, I am happy to offer any tuition and advice that will benefit you going forward.

Finding the right technology can become overwhelming in our fast-evolving world and all too often there are obstacles we don't foresee along the way. That's where I come in! I will work hard to give you a valuable experience that can be educational too!



Here are some of my most commonly requested set up and installation services:

  • Set up of new PCs
  • Installation of software
  • Connecting new printers, scanners and webcams
  • Upgrades of parts including graphics cards and sound cards
  • Tuition and advice on new software and equipment
  • Internet, wireless and e-mail set up
  • Home computer networks
  • Set ups of games consoles
  • Connecting tablets and hardware to your network and the cloud
  • Any related computer repairs diagnosed and fixed
  • Smartphone setup


internet & wireless


Internet & Wireless

Do you need help connecting your new computer to your wireless internet? Or perhaps you've recently acquired a new broadband supplier and need help setting everything up. Whatever the trouble, I am happy to help. 

The internet has become a big part of our lives and having a bad connection can be extremely frustrating. I understand how important it is to get you back online as quick as possible, while still ensuring a good connection. 

Some commonly requested internet and wireless services are as follows:

  • Internet and broadband set up
  • Wireless network installation and testing
  • Email and other web services set ups
  • Internet telephone service setup
  • Tuition on using the web and e-mail
  • Xbox and Playstation web connections
  • All other Internet and wireless faults and repairs

If you are experiencing a technical issue that is not addressed in the services detailed above, don't hesitate to get in touch. I am yet to encounter a problem I could not fix with a little hard work and persistence, and I always enjoy a challenge.